Contract extension Speer IT – British Telecom (BT)

October 8th 2018
In June we could already report that Deutsche Glasfaser had extended the contract with us for 4 years. Now we have also extended the contract with British Telecom (BT) for 5 years, for the countries the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Ireland. BT is our first customer and uses almost all our products. Cocon in particular is essential for the management of their networks in these countries. We are pleased that our customers maintain longer relationships with us and have confidence in our product and our innovative strength. René Drost Manager Networks Account Team at BT: “We have been working with Speer IT for 18 years now, and at that time they have always supported us with advice and proactive solutions. We have extended the contract because we believe that Cocon is the standard is for the industry and because we know for certain that innovations such as Fieldwork provide us with a better quality of our network and efficiency.” Speer IT has the vision to innovate by listening. A good example of this is the possibility of showing contaminated soil in Cocon. Here, the ideas of René and his team have provided a great innovation for the entire industry.

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