Excavation contractors don’t always know where network cables are located and can accidentally do serious damage, potentially causing major outages and service disruptions. To help prevent this, network managers are required (in the Netherlands) under the Information Exchange on Aboveground and Underground Networks Act (WIBON) to provide maps of their network upon request.

Having to process these excavation notification requests manually is extremely time-consuming. Using Klicon to fully automate the process saves you a lot of time and expense.

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Automated processing through the land registry office

Klicon is a fully web-based application that was designed to perform automated processing of the so-called ‘Klic-notifications’ that come from the Dutch Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster). The name Klic is an abbreviation of the Cable and Pipeline Information Control (Kabel Leidingen Informatie Controle) system set up to inform excavation works of underground networks in the area.

Klicon automatically analyzes each excavation notification that is received from the land registry office via web services. If there are network components of yours or other network managers in the area, Klicon then sends the requested data back to the land registry. The entire process is automated, so you don’t have to do a thing!

Find all notifications fast

Klicon converts all files (such as AutoCad, Microstation and MapInfo) for storage in an Oracle database. Searching for anything in the received and processed excavation notifications is fast and easy.

Speer IT Service Desk

As a part of our service to customers, the Speer IT Service Desk monitors Klicon very closely. Should anything go wrong in the automated process, we can intervene immediately and proactively.

GIS application

Linking Klicon to Cocon Fiber, our GIS application, is easy and allows you to see where service disruptions in your network are directly related to excavation notifications.


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