Paul Konings – Product Owner Cocon

As being a Product Owner of Cocon Paul Konings is responsible for all product-related decisions around Cocon; both short-term and long-term ones. By listening carefully to our customers, he tries to not only respond to their direct wishes, but also to identify trends in the industry and taking this into account in the future development of Cocon. One of those trends is that our customers are increasingly sharing their networks with other providers. Cocon can play a unique role as mediator between all those parties here. For example, think of automatically routing new fibre optics connections through the networks of various customers. There are currently a lot of development in and around Cocon. Many of those developments are in technology, to keep Cocon “futureproof”, so to speak. But some will become more visible in the foreground; for example, improvements in the User Interface or new options in the geography. In all our developments, one thing remains certain: we are continuing to build onto the foundation that has always made Cocon so strong: a registration system that thinks from the perspective of fibre optics and makes logical connections between the various facets of the network, with a geographic orientation.    

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