Abdel Harmaz: Accountmanager

Meet Abdel Harmaz, one of our account managers. Personally, he prefers to use the term relationship manager: “Relationship manager makes it more personal in my opinion, not only in name, but also in terms of approach. I enjoy working with people to find the best solutions to problems by asking the right questions.”

Sales en Accountmanagement - Accountmanager

Meet Abdel Harmaz:

Abdel has been working at Speerworks and Speer IT since 2017. He started as a Consultant at Speerworks (a subsidiary of Speer IT) but switched to a position as Account Manager at Speer IT. A logical step for him, considering his educational background in Small Business and Retail Management which links up well with it. He completed his studies in Vietnam in 2016.

You may wonder why Vietnam. Well, that needs some explaining. Abdel got married in 2016 and went on a world trip with his wife. Because circumstances delayed the defence of his thesis, he was eventually allowed to defend it via Skype from Vietnam. And passed with flying colours, of course.

Abdel likes to keep helping our clients by listening, analyzing and in the end offering the right and smart solutions such as FiberFIT.

Would you like to meet Abdel or one of our other colleagues? Via the contact link you will find all our contact details.


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