Autodesign pilot started

JUNE 2019
In collaboration with Eurofiber, the AutoDesign pilot has been started. AutoDesign is a compound process, where, after entering the address, process routing happens automatically. This can be based on, for example, the shortest or cheapest route. Using this process routing, AutoDesign will show a blueprint. A network can then automatically be entered in Cocon, using fixed design rules. Design rules may include having to add subducts to an existing pipe, taking into account the diameter of the pipe. After the new location has been entered in Cocon, a connection to the end point must be created. That is why, after the network generation, a fibre route and reservation in the network is carried out. During these steps, the complete connection, from start to end point, is determined and a line name is reserved. In the last phase, AutoDesign can bundle the data of the new project and deliver it to the contractor as a package. With the information package, the contractor can then start the process to actually connect the new customer. The pilot is currently being carried out with standard Ethernet connections. In the future, we also want to generate dark fibre connections automatically and in addition, we are looking at possibilities related to rings.

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