Availability checker live at DELTA Fiber the Netherlands

APRIL 2020

In September of last year, we announced that we would be building a generic availability checker (AC) together with Infodation. Network owners can offer their network and tenants can see if there is a network available somewhere. This availability checker has been live at our joint customer DELTA Fiber Nederland since March 17th 2020. The AC discloses the data from the Cocon environment of DELTA Fiber Netherlands. The AC enables DELTA Fiber Nederland to disclose their data unambiguously and efficiently, thus optimizing the connection process. The collaboration between Speer IT and Infodation is not a one-off chance, but a long-term commitment in which we are developing solutions for the same type of customer questions with 2 parties, both of whom have deep-seated anchors in the Telecom market. The availability checker is the first part of the solution, there are several modules that can be deployed jointly and independently of each other and focus on a part of the OSS / BSS stack. Do you want to know more about the possibilities? Call 035-6237936 or email us.

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