Cocon: the beating heart of Eurofiber

How great it is when you read an enthusiastic story in Eurofiber’s newsletter about the use of our own fibre-optic registration system Cocon Fiber. How convenient is it when everything is in one system down to the last millimeter? In Cocon Fiber, you can! Eurofiber lists all the details of the tangible infrastructure in the registration system.


“Cocon Fiber is not only about registration, but also about information to get everything right,” says Marcel Graumans, employee in the quality team. “Our designers use the system to determine the optimal route, taking into account influences in the environment. Our sales engineers determine the budget in advance with all available data. The contractors and fitters get all the information from Cocon Fiber to do the job right the first time. This includes, for example, materials, the number of welds and the type of cables, as well as the exact position indicated by four-window photos. If there are deviations or calamities, such as a punctured cable, we know exactly where the problem is so we can act quickly. Especially since – again thanks to Cocon Fiber – we know exactly where our mechanics are working. Because of all these advantages, we are guaranteed to fulfill our agreements in the service agreement (SLA).”

Read the entire interview with Marcel Graumans on the eurofiber website Cocon Fiber: the beating heart of Eurofiber

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