Cocon to Azure Cloud

In the past few years we have noticed more and more emphasis on themes concerning data security and availability of applications.

To be in tune with the requirements that may be imposed on software services these days, Speer IT has made the decision to start using the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Cloud technology offers many advantages to Speer IT, enabling us to provide an even better service. Scalability, flexibility and continuity of our service provision are essential to that end.

We will also be using the latest security technology to continue offering our environment in the safest way possible. The Azure platform provides us with the possibility to fully monitor our environment in conformity with the latest technologies and insights.

The environments of our customers will be incorporated primarily in the Dutch datacentres of Microsoft, and use will be made of a fallback to Microsoft datacentres within Europe should major calamities occur in the Netherlands. Critical components for our service provision are double-checked and made fully available. The backup of our data is securely stored at multiple locations.

In addition, we can develop and innovate faster by utilising smart cloud solutions. Speer IT is growing and in order to also be able to meet your demands and wishes in the future, we will renew the underlying infrastructure. We are therefore happy to announce that the Speer IT infrastructure is relocating to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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