Contract extension Deutsche Glasfaser

We are pleased that last week we extended the contract with Deutsche Glasfaser for four years.

Deutsche Glasfaser will also use Cocon, CoconTheWeb and Klicon for the next four years to register all FttH connections. They have a strong growth ambition in the coming years and good network registration is essential here.

Peter Kamphuis of Deutsche Glasfaser: “We have extended the contract with Speer IT because we are very satisfied with the operation of Cocon and the cooperation with the Speer IT team, we consider this software as the standard for fiber optic registration, and thanks to the innovation power of Speer IT, it makes the software more user-friendly and complete, and our processes more efficient.

In the coming years Deutsche Glasfaser will invest a lot in new FttH networks and good registration is essential to protect the value of the network. ”

Kees Jonker of Speer IT: “We are pleased that Deutsche Glasfaser has demonstrated its confidence in Speer IT through extension of the contract. By listening to our clients demands, we have been able to offer them tailor-made solutions and grow with them. We have the ambition to offer our services and products more broadly outside the Netherlands as well, and cooperation with Deutsche Glasfaser is great because it underlines our ambition to operate outside the Netherlands as well.”

Speer IT and Deutsche Glasfaser have been working together since 2012. Deutsche Glasfaser now has 500.000 home connections in Germany and wants to grow to at least 1.000.000 connections in the coming years.

Speer IT is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of registration of optical fiber in both the business and the FttH markets.

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