Data errors today, huge repair costs tomorrow

With fiber optic networks, a small data error today can lead to enormous repair costs tomorrow.

Imagine that your team is dispatched to address a network issue. But there’s a problem – the data telling them where to find the issue is inaccurate. Suddenly, what should have been a fast and straightforward fix turns into a costly, time-consuming endeavor. 

Digging in the wrong place is expensive and risky

Digging in the wrong place is not only a waste of time; it can be incredibly expensive as well. The costs really start to add up when you consider the additional downtime, the expense of having to dig twice (or more), and the risk of damage to property and infrastructure.

This is not an unusual scenario when network data isn’t managed properly. But there is a solution! 🌟

Precise information to reduce risk and costly errors

Cocon Fiber is our advanced fiber optic network registration system that ensures every detail of your fiber network is accurately mapped and easily located, even when out in the field. With Cocon, you know exactly where your network lies, which fibers are connected where, and the most efficient way to perform maintenance and repairs.

Cocon Fiber effectively reduces the risk of costly errors and ensures faster resolution times with a more efficient use of resources. The quality control data validations used by Cocon make it easy to avoid the costly mistakes and longer downtimes that come with inaccurate and outdated network data.

Today’s data errors are tomorrow’s operational mistakes and cost drivers. Cocon can help you avoid them with precise, reliable network data management. Discover how Cocon Fiber can safeguard your network against costly data errors. Contact us for more information. 

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