Detail drawings from Cocon

MAY 2019
The requirement to provide detail drawings with the application for (for example) a permit is a given fact. Just as inevitable as the requirements of a detail drawing. Speer IT is investigating what needs to be added to Cocon to be able to generate a detail drawing or AutoCad file with just one click. This must meet all the requirements of a detail drawing and deviating depths, etc. must be visible on it. In addition to the detail drawing, the As-built is also an important part of the delivery. This drawing contains the exact location of the network, Objects, such as drillings, pipes and handholes are measured and put in an AutoCad file. By importing these types of drawings in Cocon, the network can be corrected. Currently, there are a lot of individual steps that need to be carried out; however, this can be done differently. Why work in an AutoCad drawing if everything is already in Cocon? In combination with Veldwerk, it is already possible, of course, to measure digitally and process this data directly in Cocon. A next step would be to be able to use the data externally, using the Cocon-generated detail drawing. This can be measured and processed directly in Cocon. At that time, everything from the field should already be in Cocon digitally and it should be possible to get a good detail drawing from Cocon. Both generating detail drawings and making an As-built drawing redundant are steps that can save a lot of time and money.

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