Development CoconTheWeb

In 2020 we paid a lot of attention to Cocon the Web to distinguish our product from the competition and the client version. The possibilities offered by a web application provide interesting technologies and innovations. A product that makes this immediately visible is of course Card 2.0 which will be called simply Card in 2021. By combining this with proven technologies that are available, it is now possible to go into our map and see what the situation would really look like and see the changes by going back in time.

We’ve worked a lot on making it available to our clients to place layers over our map themselves to make comparisons or to plan better. In addition, in the very short term, it is possible to monitor your fiber optic network with FiberFit Monitoring and link this directly to your data in Cocon The Web. This means that if there is a malfunction in your network and you use FiberFit you can instantly see the notification in Cocon The Web, go there and view the location and situation on the map and report it immediately in, e.g., Planned Work. Totally worry-free and with minimal risk of distortion of the situation as it is in reality.

In 2021 you can expect even more from us. We are excited to be working on a Business Intelligence solution where dashboards and graphs will be generated with the data available in Cocon The Web. In addition, we will, of course, further develop FiberFit Monitoring to work even more integrated with Cocon The Web, we will improve fieldwork to ensure that users of this product no longer have to manually fill in other forms in addition to our product, and there are developments to straighten out your network and/or situation in Cocon The Web directly via GPS.

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