Energy usage and hybrid working 2024

For this year’s edition, Speer IT has once again embarked on its annual exploration through a survey aimed at our team members, with a dual focus: the dynamics of working from home and the intricacies of home energy management. The survey dives into their practices concerning electricity and gas usage, the setup of their home offices, and any steps they’ve taken towards energy conservation. We’re also keen on gathering suggestions for enhancing energy efficiency, both for the company and individually. Furthermore, insights into their remote work experiences and how Speer IT can further support or improve these aspects were sought.

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship and as a proud participant in the Dutch CO2 Neutral Foundation, our goal is not only to achieve neutrality but also to maintain a transparent overview of our carbon footprint through the CO2 Performance Ladder framework.

We’re excited to unveil the outcomes of this year’s survey and are eager to share the highlights and findings with you through the infographic presented below!



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