Eurofiber and Speer IT extend their cooperation

Maarssen / Baarn, 14 February 2019 – Eurofiber and Speer IT will remain partners in managing and developing  the Eurofiber fiber optic network for years to come. A new cooperation agreement was signed last week.
Eurofiber and Speer IT have been working together for 15 years in managing and registering the Eurofiber fiber optic network. Arian de Korte, Director  Network Operator at Eurofiber: ‘Our network consists of more than 31.000 kilometers of fiber and every week about 40 kilometers is added. Perfect registration in a user-friendly management system is crucial when managing our growth efficiently. The matching tool for this particular job is provided by Speer IT. ‘ Speer IT is an IT company specialized in telecom. They have developed Cocon, the standard application in the Netherlands for the registration of telecom networks. Kees Jonker, CEO at Speer IT: ‘Eurofiber and Speer IT have been working together closely for more than a decade, which is very important to us. This partnership means we are able to implement our latest ideas in an advanced and intricate network and Eurofiber is able to serve its customers with innovative products’ The cooperation has also led to the creation of Fieldwork, a module for the efficient construction of new connections. About Eurofiber  Eurofiber has been operating a high-quality digital infrastructure since 2000. With our own open fiber network and our data centers, we offer companies, governments and non-profit organizations future-proof data connections. Customers at Eurofiber are free to choose the services, applications and providers they need. This way they can fully exploit the innovation potential in digitization. Eurofiber Netherlands is part of the Eurofiber Group. Between us, we have a fiber-optic network of more than 31,000 kilometers in the Netherlands and Belgium and four data centers. In addition, we offer solutions for completely flexible interconnectivity between more than 50 data centers. About Speer IT Speer IT has been a specialist in optical fiber registration since 1999. Speer IT is the partner for telecom companies, network managers and contractors (fiber optics and management). With their product ‘Cocon’ they offer a high-quality fiber optic registration system which is easy-to-use, has extensive possibilities and a flexible architecture  so there is room for customization. ‘Cocon’ is the standard in registration of fibre optic networks in the Netherlands. Internationally, large telecom organizations are also increasingly making use of Cocon.

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