Fore Freedom chooses its in-house asset management system.

Getting started with your own Cocon Fiber environment within a few weeks?

Fore Freedom is one of the major independent developers and operators of business fiber networks for business parks in the Netherlands. After years of using the Cocon environment through an engineering firm, Fore Freedom thought it was time for their own Cocon Fiber environment.

Edwin de Raadt, CEO Fore Freedom: “Over 12 years ago we started developing collective fiber networks on business parks, delivering a 100% open fiber network. At Fore Freedom we have all links in the entire chain under one roof: from design, to construction and management. And in doing so, we are not dependent on third parties. This allows us to respond faster and more flexibly to the demands of our partners and clients.”

Entrepreneurship and customer knowledge

“The roots of Fore Freedom originate in entrepreneurship, because of this we understand what drives our clients. We are a no-nonsense organization that likes to get down to business,” De Raadt says confidently. “This way of working has allowed us to build up a broad customer base over the years, including Port of Rotterdam, Shell NV, Schiphol, McDonald’s, TNO Group and government organizations such as the municipalities of Rotterdam, Maasdriel and Sittard. Unique in the market are our huge choices with more than 60 Internet Service Providers connected to the network.”
“Partly because of this entrepreneurship and knowledge of what drives our customers, we are growing incredibly fast. Because of that explosive growth, with which we now provide fiber to more than 160 business sites, we thought it would be wise to no longer depend on a third party for our asset management. That’s why we decided to start working with our own Cocon environment,” De Raadt emphasizes.

Why is asset management so important to Fore Freedom?

De Raadt: “Because we design, build and manage, we have organized everything so that the engineering firm controls the contractor and the contractor controls the engineering firm. For us, this is a guarantee of the quality of the network. This way we know for sure that if something is wrong, it will always come to the surface. If you then also do the management with your own system, then you are flexible and you have insight into everything. Most importantly, you have full insight into your own assets. Because we focus on the business market, FttO, we can now both build and manage in the same system. That is the great thing about Cocon Fiber. This way we keep perfect control.

This is what we do. We are an asset company and those assets are registered at the land registry. But in Cocon is the whole reality: permits, drawings, down to how much fiber you have and even the occupancy rate. The other day I had to show something to the bank and then Cocon and CTW are an ideal source of information. The bank was very satisfied with how we delivered everything down to the required level of detail.”

Self-sufficient within two weeks with Cocon Fiber

“I was asked to supervise the Cocon migration process,” says Lex Wils, who is responsible for Business Development at Fore Freedom. Wils has a long-standing track record in fiber optics and acted more often as a consultant for other telecom companies as well. “What positively surprised me was the professional approach and thorough preparation from Speer IT, coupled with tight project management. There was a clear plan with start and end times. This efficient management and good cooperation resulted in a super fast migration and implementation of Cocon Fiber. In week 40, the Cocon environment was delivered together with CoconTheWeb (CTW). In the same week the data of the old environment was migrated and the following week we were already live! So after a total lead time of 2-3 weeks including aftercare and support, we were completely self-sufficient.” said a satisfied Wils.

About Fore Freedom

Fore Freedom Network delivers open access fiber connectivity for the business market and has grown into a major collective network provider for business parks in the Netherlands. Over 160 business parks in the Netherlands have coverage fiber networks installed and owned . The network of over 500 km of multi-duct has a reach of more than 48,000 potential addresses.

To enable rapid growth, in addition to its own network, use is also being made of Eurofiber, Ziggo and KPN for accessing new business parks. Fore Freedom has its own network operations center from which their network specialists continuously monitor all networks and are therefore ready 24/7.
Watch the video here how Fore Freedom uses abandoned fuel lines from Defense to build long-distance fiber optic connections. An innovative and environmentally friendly solution to reuse the strong steel pipes from Defense Pipeline Organization (DPO) for their telecom route.

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