FttH Design environment in Cocon

We often develop a specific solution within Cocon in collaboration with one of our customers. Now we have a solution that we have made with our customer Deutsche Glasfaser.

The new FttH design environment In Cocon

We developed the concept “FTTH Design environment”. Within this concept you can import the FTTH design of your future network as soon as it is available, so that you can also visualize within Cocon what will be built next to the existing network. This allows the customer to monitor whether the design meets the requirements and the construction can be followed.

The contractor can deliver per DP (distribution point) so that it is possible to view the status of the construction of your network during the building proces. At the end of a project, the contractor and network owner can check whether the network actually constructed matches the previously designed plan. Bottlenecks and deviations are thus easily detected.

This solution is a strong addition to the existing “construction progress” module and the new generic availability checker that are already being used by a number of customers in the Netherlands.

As a network owner, you always have insight into every demand point in this way; from the design to the final management phase of the network. Due to the strict control of the design and construction, every demand point can be used commercially from the moment it is installed.

If you are also interested in this method, please contact one or our account managers.

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