Glaspoort and Speer IT committed to a successful and long-term partnership

Glaspoort has decided to monitor its fiber optic registration through CoconTheWeb. A partnership that we at Speer IT value highly.

“Glaspoort was founded last year and focuses on the realization of fiber optic projects particularly in smaller municipalities, rural areas and business parks. Often these areas are not at the top of the list because the investments per connection are on average higher than in urban areas,” explained Jan-Willem Scheerder, CEO Glaspoort. “At Glaspoort, we see this differently and will fiber these areas over the next five years and connect 1.2 million households and businesses. Our mission is simple: fiber for everyone. And good registration of this is of course vital.”

Safe, reliable and fast internet is nowadays impossible to do without in our daily lives. Scheerder: “Glaspoort was founded with the aim of making a substantial contribution to accelerating digitalization in the Netherlands. We got off to a flying start in June 2021 and have since been named by Telecompaper as the fastest party to achieve the first 100K ‘homes passed’ in FTTH history in the Netherlands. In total, the count now stands at no less than 230,000 homes passed. We are incredibly proud that we have managed to get this off the ground with more than 25 enthusiastic colleagues and our partners.

Collaboration and network registration of crucial importance

“For me, collaboration is critical to the success of Glaspoort. Collaborations are the common factor in our operations. Throughout the Netherlands we are now building with seven construction partners. On our open fiber network, 22 service providers are now offering their telecom services,” Scheerder explained.

“The capital-intensive nature of fiber optic networks places high demands on asset management,” clarified Paul Havinga, Commercial Director at Speer IT. “After all, the return over the long term must be guaranteed. This is only possible if one has a good understanding of what is there, where exactly the network is located and what one can and cannot do with it at any given moment. Especially when cables and connections are rapidly being added, such as here at the rapidly growing Glaspoort, a good and reliable asset management system is essential.”

Scheerder agrees: “All the more reason for us to enter into a partnership with Speer IT for the monitoring of our network. It should be clear that good registration is crucial, not only now but also in 30 years we want to know where our network lies. A good start is half the battle. Our contractors also use Cocon and with the view version of Cocon, CoconTheWeb, we at Glaspoort can monitor everything that happens outside.

Working with partners who have all the knowledge and expertise in-house was our intent from day one. We like to remain a flexible organization that is supported and relieved by its partners so that we can scale up quickly.”

About Glaspoort

Pension fund ABP and telecom provider KPN, two very Dutch companies, are the driving forces behind the Glaspoort initiative. With that joint venture, they are accelerating the laying of fiber optics in the Netherlands. Over the next few years, Glaspoort will provide approximately 1.2 million households and businesses with a future-proof fiber optic cable. As far as Glaspoort is concerned, fiberglass will become the standard. With a Glaspoort fiber connection, everyone is ready for the future.

What differentiates Glaspoort?

Open network: Glaspoort is a network company that builds and manages the fiber optic connection. Glaspoort’s network is an open network, allowing providers of internet and telecom services to use our network and thus serve their own customers. This offers businesses and residents a wide range of choices. A complete list of service providers can be found at
Free installation: No costs are charged for laying the fiber optic cable to the home or business premises. Therefore, there are no costs for residents to give permission for the installation.

Non-binding: The installation of the fiber optic connection is non-binding. You decide for yourself whether you want a connection. In addition, residents are not obliged to take out a subscription.

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