How outdated asset management systems are hampering your growth

When network management is a big part of your business, outdated asset management methods can put real limits on growth.

Using spreadsheets and multiple systems to register and manage a fiber optic network makes it difficult to get the kind of overview and detailed insights that are useful for analysis and planning. Then there is the constant risk of manual errors and inaccuracies, not to mention the difficulty of updating and upgrading, that tends to drive up the total cost of network management and maintenance. And when just making simple changes to network data is time-consuming or complex, chances are they won’t be done in a timely manner, and sometimes not at all.

A single source difference

This is where a network registration system designed specifically for fiber optics can make all the difference. Cocon Fiber is an asset management system that provides your business with a single source of truth about the detailed layout and makeup of your physical network infrastructure. More than just a database, Cocon is a GIS system that visualizes your fiber network in complete detail. No need for multiple systems with Cocon as your central, up-to-date repository of your network information.

Streamline for reduce of error

Our focus on accuracy and efficiency in network asset information within a single system also allows you to streamline the entire registration process and significantly reduce the risk of errors. A high level of automation combined with rigorous data quality controls ensures your network data is always current and correct, without the need for multiple systems and manual updates.

If you’re curious about how Cocon can transform your fiber optic network management and break down barriers to your business growth, we invite you to read more about Cocon Fiber. There you will discover a system that brings more accuracy, clarity, and efficiency to your network management.

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