Information Soil risk map available in Cocon and CoconTheWeb

Speer IT and Stantec decided to collaborate and have developed a link between the Soil risk map and Cocon, the GIS-application by Speer IT, with which the glass fibre network sector has been designing and managing its networks for the past 18 years. It is the first platform in which the information from the Soil risk map is offered to the user directly, so they can have all the information they need about soil contamination, as well as the chance of archaeological restrictions, or explosives in the ground, together in one application.

Watch the movie about the possibilities of the Soil Risk Map in Cocon.

Arthur Coevert, Account manager at Stantec: “Cocon-users have gained a free layer of information in the system, which allows them insight into all the available information about a network to be dug. And, if not enough information is available in all sources, with one click they can request a quick-scan or a historic or exploratory search at Stantec, directly from Cocon.”

The engineers at Stantec are continually checking and updating the information on the Soil risk map. In addition, the results of all studies that are requested end up not only in the project folder in Cocon as an added document, but also on the Soil risk map itself, so that the users never have to request searches for the same location twice. This applies not only to the searches by Speer IT, but to the studies of all users, which include Ziggo and BAM. This makes the support that the Soil risk map offers better every day.

Kees Jonker, CEO of Speer IT: “The collaboration between Speer IT and Stantec ensures that Cocon-users have access to unambiguous information sources. A reduction of the number of systems and sources makes organizations more efficient. At Speer IT we are proud to be able to facilitate that.”

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