Manage external layers yourself

September 2019

Speer IT has the ambition to ensure that geographic information stays together. So that you can compare your network to other geographic information.

There is an increasing trend for government agencies and other information providers to offer data. Speer IT has its own rule that information should always be available everywhere and quickly and must offer high performance. We therefore always prepare the data for the client ourselves.

The users of our systems want to be able to combine the public layers with what they have administrated themselves in Cocon. We have developed new functionality for this. This functionality offers the option to add WFS layers (GeoJSON and ArcGIS) to your map in the CoconTheWeb yourself. For example, you can add the information from Public Works and Water Management to your own map. This functionality will become available to all CoconTheWeb users in the 4th quarter.

The functionality is set up in such a way that the CoconTheWeb continues to function while you wait for what comes in through WFS.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

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