MARXACT – Innovative solution within GIS and Telecom market

As an innovative club, Speer IT also identifies other innovative solutions within the GIS and the telecom market.

Marxact is the new company of the son of Speer IT’s founding father, Mark van der Heijden, Tommy van der Heijden, and his brother-in-law and business partner, Raoul van Ginkel. Within Marxact, they are developing a new way of measuring by making GPS more accessible. Due to that increased accessibility, we expect that GPS measurements will be used more often and sooner in operational processes.

With the UNI, you can look into, upload, change and manage GNSS measurement via the UNI Cloud live in Cocon / CTW, after launching RTK. Using the UNI, fibre-optics can be measured for every user, any time, with the ease of the familiar Cocon environment, using the UNI.

UNI & Cocon = Working with flexibility, faster delivery and optimization of processes.

The use of the UNIs decreases the installation process and increases efficiency, and all the measured data goes directly from the external engineer to Cocon, which makes all the maps even more detailed and complete.

The UNI is collaborating very successfully with the module Veldwerk at Cocon. Watch the video for an impression of the possibilities.

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