Phasing out CoconTheWeb map 1.0

September 2019
One year ago, MAP 2.0 was implemented by Speer IT in CoconTheWeb. MAP 2.0 uses vector data, whereas MAP 1.0 used raster data. By using vector data, new possibilities in presenting data in the map have been created, for example, adjusting objects in terms of image or visibility. Objects can easily be highlighted, or particular layers and labels can be switched on or off. During the past year, a lot of hard work was done to continuously innovate and improve this new map. To let everyone experience the benefits of MAP 2.0, it will soon become the default for everyone. Of course, you will still be able to go back to MAP 1.0 for a while after that. However, eventually it will be switched off and then all actions will have to be performed in the new map. Click here for our movie.

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