Positive result for audit CO2 performance ladder

Another positive result for our audit for the CO2 performance ladder. We aim to be a climate neutral company and therefore the CO2 performance ladder has been a permanent part of our business operations for more than seven years now. The CO2 Performance Ladder is the sustainability instrument in the Netherlands that helps companies reduce CO2 and costs. The CO2 Performance Ladder helps us make our CO2 emissions transparent and reduce them. This methodology is managed by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement & Business (SKAO).

This year we again met the set requirements, and the external audit was completed with positive results. We have displayed our achieved goals and the CO2 footprint in an infographic for you which shows our CO2 emissions in the 1st half year of 2022. Click here

Goals 2024

The goals we have set for 2024 include:

– 62% less CO2 emitted compared to 2018 of which 61% in scope 1* and 1% in scope 2.

– Emit 23.2% less CO2 in scope 3 compared to 2019 in the home-work and commuting chain.

Scope 1: Direct emissions within our own organization such as fuel and gas.

Scope 2: Indirect emissions within our own organization such as electricity.

Scope 3: Emissions entirely outside our own organization (in the chain).

You can read all the reports we keep on this subject on our website.

For questions about our operations in relation to the CO2 performance ladder, please contact Peterpaul Brundel.


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