Reduction of CO2 emissions

Since the end of 2016, Speer IT has had the CO2-performance ladder Certificate Level 4. The purpose of the CO2 performance ladder is to make companies more aware of their CO2 emissions. The CO2 emissions are mapped, and solutions are implemented to decrease the emissions. The performance ladder has 5 levels: 1 through 5. The level is an indication of the ambition of a company to map the CO2 emissions and reduce them every year. Speer IT has now reached level 4. A mandatory audit is done at Speer IT every year. An external auditor comes to our office for a few days (in our case the company BSI) to ensure our documentation is correct. The certificate, which we were permitted to use for the first time in 2016, is issued for 3 years. There was therefore a re-certification this year and the certificate was issued for another 3 years. When putting together the documentation, we were advised by ‘The Sustainable Advisors’, a company that specialises in certifying, reporting and advising with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility Social. Aside from the CO2-performance ladder, Speer IT is always working on corporate social responsibility. For example, when we set up our new office in Baard in 2016, we took various environmentally-friendly measures. The flat roof has solar panels. We have 8 charging stations for electric cars for our employees and clients. LED lights were installed everywhere, and we have an ingenious heating/air-conditioning system, whose internal transport of heat and cold ensure low energy consumption. In addition, there are regular brainstorming sessions at Speer IT about opportunities to further reduce the CO2 emissions and we apply measures. The use of electric cars is encouraged at Speer IT, and the result is that 20% of our cars are now electric. In addition, several more electric cars have been ordered, and we will eventually need to expand the number of charging stations. You can find all the mandatory documents related to the CO2 Performance latter certificate on our website.

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