Speer IT and its employees adopt rainforest 

Not only do we have a heart for the business, but also for each other and the world in which we are allowed to live. Sustainability is important to us. We have full insight into our carbon footprint and our CO2 policy plan is based on this. In order to obtain and retain our  CO2 performance ladder certificate, we are supported by our advisor Martin Havik at De Duurzame Adviseurs. Through him, we came into contact with the Work with Nature foundation. One of the initiatives of this foundation is to protect the tropical rainforest in Costa Rica. They do this by purchasing plots of rainforest through donors, to create a protected area where biodiversity can flourish once more. Companies and individuals can adopt plots of tropical rainforest through the website www.adopteerregenwoud.nl. Since we believe this is a positive initiative, we decided to contribute to this as well. To mark the 20th anniversary of Speer IT, we adopted 20 square metres of tropical rainforest for each employee. We also asked our employees to contribute to this cause as well, whereby every square metre they adopt will be doubled by Speer IT. Our joint initiative resulted in the adoption of 2,020 m2 of tropical rainforest!  

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