Speer IT & Simac Electronics Joint Venture

May 22nd 2020

Speer IT and Simac Electronics have entered into a partnership as of October 2018 to further optimize the link between Cocon and FiberFIT Home and FiberFIT Monitoring in order to be able to predict the quality of fiber optic cables, among other things. Fiber Intelligent Testing is the smart way to deal with measurement data. Fiber-optic networks are expanding considerably and so are the measurement data generated during testing, delivery and maintenance. FiberFIT retrieves its data from the cloud and makes it visible in the standard fiber optic registration system Cocon.

FiberFit en Cocon

FiberFIT Monitoring & Cocon

For a reliable fiber optic network, monitoring of faults, intrusion (fiber tapping) and degradation is necessary. FiberFIT Monitoring offers the possibility to perform this physical network control efficiently. Through live dashboards and adjustable alerts you get immediate insight into the network problem and you can ensure a quick response and short recovery time. The network owner can thus guarantee higher availability to its customers, without having to use them or their equipment to report malfunctions. FiberFIT monitoring continually measures glass fibers and sends the results to Cocon where the data processing is realized. That way you have insight into the network anytime and anywhere.

FiberFIT Home & Cocon

FiberFIT Home makes FttH projects clear by combining the best techniques. With FiberFIT Home, measurements can be centrally managed and performed on-site, including criteria that can be set in advance. The measurement results are immediately stored, secured and linked to, for example, the relevant postcode / house number combination or a unique FiberID. By means of synchronization with the cloud, all data is available in a jiffy. Via the API, this data is also automatically linked to Cocon. 


Cocon enriches the measurements that are done with FiberFIT Home and FiberFIT Monitoring with an exact location. By continuously storing data, in the near future a prediction of the quality of the fiber optic cable can also be made via Cocon and FiberFIT. This ensures even better management of the fiber optic network.

Please contact us on info@speerit.nl if you want to learn more about the possibilities.

For more information on Cocon, visit Coconfiber.com.

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