Speer IT stresses Cocon’s international potential

Cocon is the Fiber Optic registration system at Speer IT.
We are proud that this system is used as the standard in the Netherlands. Beyond the Netherlands, Cocon is also chosen as the basis for a solid network registration. For example, in Germany, Ireland and Spain, Cocon is the basis for the big telecom parties for managing their fiber optics network. We believe in Cocon’s potential, especially internationally and we want to reinforce our international ambition. That is why we are now launching a website devoted entirely to Cocon: www.coconfiber.com.  All the big telecom organisations in the Netherlands (and some outside of the Netherlands) use Cocon as the basis for managing their networks. These networks are designed in Cocon; Cocon then supports the sale on the network, and Cocon is an essential link for the day to day operations of a client’sNetwork Operations Centre. This guarantees the entire Asset Management in Cocon.  Worldwide, the fiber-optics network is growing on a daily basis and it is becoming increasingly complex. Whether it concerns the owners or managers of fiber-optic networks, or the contractors that install the cables: Cocon offers overview and the ability to inspect the network structures. 
Down to the last centimetre 
With Cocon, network owners have a clear picture of the capacity utilisation of the fiber-optic network. Is there still capacity available, or are there issues? Where is expansion needed? What investments are needed? For the network managers, Cocon makes the uses of a specific cable visible with one click of the mouse, including all connections, fiber types, splices, patches, permits and (client) contracts. Every connection can be tracked down to the centimetre. The module CoconTheWeb Fieldwork enables contractors to deliver the work to be done directly in Cocon and to immediately measure the newly connected route in Cocon. The current information, including photos can therefore immediately be viewed by all parties involved.  
What makes Cocon unique is the fact that the current and future networks are visible to all users in 1 environment. The user can request the current and future route of any connection.  Cocon is not only a fiber-optics management system. Through the CoconTheWeb module Fieldwork, contractors can immediately download the work to be done. When the work has been completed, this is immediately updated in Cocon. This ensures that there is always a current view of the current network. The contractor can also immediately measure the installed connections digitally, and this is also immediately updated in Cocon. Exporting and importing measuring data is therefore no longer required. Cocon also offers various links to other systems. For example, with active or network monitoring systems. When the network monitoring system detects a broken fiber, this is immediately passed on to Cocon and it can be made visible on a screen at the Network Operations Centre immediately. 
Customised support 
Speer IT provides customised support to all its clients in setting up internal management processes or in the migration and implementation of the software systems. A Cocon professional can support the client onsite to reach their goals, including international goals. Training provided by Speer IT helps clients to get the most from the Cocon functionalities.  Speer IT: 20 years of expertise  Speer IT’s specialists have been working on the construction and further development of Cocon since 1999, and Cocon has grown into the ultimate system for the registration of fiber-optics. The choice to become the top specialist in this aspect of fiber-optics ensures that, together with our clients, we have developed the best system in the world to manage a fiber-optic network. Speer IT’s motto is therefore, “innovating by listening”. We also use this approach outside of the Netherlands. We do this in collaboration with local partners. We help our clients in the Netherlands and beyond, to work increasingly more efficiently and ultimately to have more fiber-optic connections.  If you seriously want to operate a fiber-optic network as a telecom party, Cocon is a must!  www.coconfiber.com   

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