Speerworks 2.0

Speerworks has long been known for using talents to support Speer IT’s customers. Mid-2020, Speerworks started to expand its services by offering Senior Consultancy at management level. The services are no longer limited to support for Speer IT’s products, but offer guidance on business processes, organisational structures and projects within the fiber optic world.

Thomas Freriks, Senior Consultant had the honour of kicking off this new service by assisting VolkerWessels Telecom with its new role as a Passive Operator (PO) for T-Mobile. “There I met a very driven team, enthusiastically working hard on constructing the fiber optic network in The Hague and now also in Eindhoven. In close cooperation with the T-Mobile Home team, we first optimised the so-called (digital) Leverstraat and then further shaped the PO role of VWT with my expertise, digitisation, as a common thread. For me, the icing on the cake was that one moment I can have a good brainstorming session with management and the next moment I can dive into the depths with a mechanic.”

One of my goals is always to make myself redundant in the end and this assignment is ending that way as well. I think I have been able to add a lot of value at VWT and letting go is also a part of that. All that remains is for me to transfer some knowledge and then I can look back on an exciting time in which I was introduced to an enormously energetic organisation. On to the next job!”

A Speerworks Consultant not only brings knowledge and experience, but also a fresh, critical view and a sparring partner with vision. So, know that what you’re getting is not yes-men, but a partner who does not shy away from a good discussion, but always with one common goal.

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