Stephan Abbes – Account manager

September 2019
We like to introduce an employee to you, once in a while. Today that is Stephan Abbes, account manager at Speer IT. Stephan is 29 and lives in Utrecht. After graduating from Small Business Management at the University of Zwolle, he got his first work experience in South-Africa. He then started at Speerworks, a subsidiary company of Speer IT, in 2015. In no time, Stephan was familiar with the ins-and-outs of Cocon and he soon started with a client. Because he was a fast learner and easily made connections, he quickly became a Cocon specialist. From this position he was able to attract interesting orders and has even supervised entire migrations from databases to Cocon. After several other client orders, it was time for Stephan to take on a new challenge at Speerworks: he became a team leader. “In this role, I learned a lot about leading a young team. What I liked most about my work as a team leader was to pass my knowledge on to (new) Speerworks co-workers and to ensure that the processes were being carried out smartly and efficiently within the team.” After a pleasant time at Speerworks, Stephan switched to Speer IT as the account manager: “I was ready for the next step in my career and was looking forward to setting up new developments in collaboration with clients. As an account manager, I go and visit various clients and assist them in using our products.” If you have any questions for Stephan or would like to speak to him about Cocon’s options, feel free to contact him.

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