The hidden cost of inaccurate fiber-optic data

What happens when your fiber optic network data is not completely accurate? The hidden costs can be substantial for any network operator. Imagine knowing there’s a network outage, but not knowing precisely where the affected part of the network is located. Searching for it is time-consuming and costly, especially if a street needs to be opened but you are not sure of where to dig. That lack of precise information means a longer downtime, higher costs, and operational inefficiency.

More details than a database

Cocon Fiber has a solution that is built on precise network information: a fiber optic registration system that accurately mirrors the physical details of your fiber optic network infrastructure. More than just a database, Cocon is a GIS system that visualizes your entire network and provides a single, reliable, and up-to-date source of truth. As a central repository of all your network information, it eliminates the need for multiple, disjointed systems that reduce efficiency.

This system also enhances speed and accuracy by minimizing the risk of errors with optimal automation and data quality control, ensuring continuously up-to-date network information. The hidden costs of errors and downtime associated with inaccurate information can be greatly reduced.

Revolutionize your network

Interested in how Cocon Fiber can revolutionize your network asset management and mitigate the risk of costly mistakes? We invite you to request a demo and discover a system that brings clarity, accuracy, and efficiency to your network management.

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