VitrumFiber chooses Cocon Fiber network asset management

Speer IT welcomes an exciting new German customer, VitrumFiber, for the Cocon Fiber registration and asset management system.

VitrumFiber builds turnkey fiber optic networks, which are leased to customers ranging from network operators and internet service providers to municipal utilities that offer internet services. They handle the planning, construction, financing and maintenance, so there is no risk for the customer. As a provider of what VitrumFiber calls ‘fiber as a service,’ they know what a detailed, accurate and reliable registration of every network they build and manage means for the success of their business.

During the recent ANGA COM in Cologne, Speer IT had a chance to chat with VitrumFiber about the reasons they chose Cocon Fiber for their asset registry and management system.

Optimal efficiency through precise digital twin

Dr. Marc Hennemann, Managing Director of VitrumFiber, says, “The choice for Cocon Fiber underlines the importance for us of an excellent detailed registration of every component of our networks. Cocon conveniently provides an extremely precise digital twin of our fiber optic telco networks. That helps us manage our customers’ networks with optimal efficiency.”

The detailed network status information contained in Cocon Fiber is also configured with API to feed directly into the Gridsz Platform chosen by VitrumFiber for their network resource management. Gridsz is a sister network software system to Speer IT’s Cocon Fiber, developed through the joint venture with Infodation, and it is a powerful tool for efficient network construction and management support. The data in Cocon provides the ideal foundation of detailed and up-to-date information for the management workflows in Gridsz. “This way, we know we are always working from the most accurate network data, because it is continuously updated to the Gridsz Platform,” Hennemann adds.

Guaranteed ROI for the long run 

Synchronization with Gridsz also works in the other direction. When VitrumFiber coordinates network construction and post-connection orders, everything that happens is easily verified and quickly updated to the Cocon Fiber registry. This ensures it is always comprehensive, accurate and up to date. The value of the network for generating ROI efficiently and effectively for the long run is guaranteed. Having this type of detailed digital twin for their telco networks is ideal for the long-term partnerships that VitrumFiber’s customers value highly. Many of those customers are municipal and public works customers, such as Stadtwerke Rostock AG, where VitrumFiber is currently building modern broadband networks in three municipalities.

Paul Havinga, CCO at Speer IT, adds, “The added value for VitrumFiber is that all their telco network management activities can take place on the solid foundation of the Cocon Fiber asset management system. Cocon is a network owner’s proven, reliable, and single source of truth about every component of their entire network. We are proud that VitrumFiber has chosen us and recognizes the importance of the support Cocon provides for their core business!”  

About VitrumFiber

VitrumFiber is the subsidiary of the investor developer Invesis for the development of fibre optic networks in Germany. VitrumFiber manages all aspects in the expansion of passive infrastructure, from development and financing to design, construction and maintenance.

Our team has the expertise, knowledge and commitment to ensure every project succeeds. VitrumFiber provides clarity, certainty and confidence in every project, so that our clients and partners can exceed expectations, deliver value and create a better future for us all.

Invesis is globally invested in infrastructure projects in the areas of transport, social infrastructure renewable energy and digital infrastructure with a portfolio of over 50 projects and a capital value of 12 billion euros. Further information:

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