VolkerWessels Telecom and Speer IT sign framework agreement for cocon

Amersfoort/Baarn April 2019: VolkerWessels Telecom and Speer IT sign a framework agreement to use Cocon as the manager and asset management tool for current and future services by VolkerWessels Telecom
VolkerWessels Telecom and Speer IT have a long-standing relationship. VolkerWessels Telecom has worked with Cocon for clients in the past and is now going to use this tool for registering its products and services within its own organization. Telecom is the foundation of the worldwide need for connectivity. Constant connectedness with the internet and with each other. Telecom removes barriers to innovations and offers space for progress. And that is exactly what VolkerWessels Telecom stands for. VolkerWessels Telecom is always working on professionalizing its own organization even more. With Cocon, VolkerWessels Telecom holds a future-proof asset management tool. Wido van de Mast – CEO VolkerWessels Telecom: “Cocon has the required functionalities to structure, manage and guarantee our projects the right way. For the future of smart cities and areas, it is also essential to have a solid infrastructure and we are convinced that Cocon offers us that possibility.” Speer IT is a company that specializes in IT. It developed Cocon, the standard application for registration of telecom networks in the Netherlands. Kees Jonker – CEO Speer IT: “We are excited to welcome VolkerWessels Telecom as a client. They are a big party in the Netherlands, with an extensive network and ambitious goals. Just like Speer IT, VolkerWessels Telecom strives to provide creative and innovative solutions in its field and we are happy to collaborate with them to fulfil their ambitions. About VolkerWessels Telecom VolkerWessels Telecom, a Royal VolkerWessels company, builds connections that make society stronger and brings people closer to each other. Total connectivity is the totality of connections between people, things and ideas. Connectivity plays an important role in the improvement of our quality of life, now and in the future. VolkerWessels Telecom does not just look at technical challenges, such as exploding data-use or mobile access in well-insulated buildings. It hinges on the social issues that our society deals with every day: mobility, safety, health care and waste flows. About Speer IT Speer IT has been specializing in fibre optics since 1999. Speer IT is the ultimate partner for telecom companies, network managers and contractors (fibre optics installation and management). It offers high-quality fibre optics registration systems with extensive options, simple in use and flexible in set-up, so that custom work is still always possible. Cocon, our fast and user-friendly registration application, is the standard in the Netherlands. Internationally, big telecom organizations are also increasingly using Cocon.  

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