Why accurate fiber data is crucial for your network.

Ensuring the accuracy of fiber optic network registration poses a significant challenge for network owners. To manage a network that is mostly under the ground as effectively as possible over the expected 30+ years of operation, your data needs to perfectly reflect the exact physical reality of every cable and every connection. Without sufficient consistency and quality control, both in the initial rollout and later maintenance activities, the available data can be highly unreliable. In practical terms, this leads to expensive maintenance and mistakes, such as digging up sidewalks at the wrong location or being directed to the wrong customer because of conflicting or confusing information.

Accuracy in network registration

Cocon Fiber has the solution to network registration accuracy. Our platform is designed to provide a single-source representation of your fiber network, exactly as it is laid out. Our data quality controls have been refined and tested over time to ensure that what you see in Cocon is exactly what your physical network infrastructure looks like.

Automated validation systeem

The reason we can do this is our innovative automated validation system. This system quickly performs rigorous checks on the quality of every single data-import to a large set of validation points to ensure reliability and accuracy. And, of course, the validation is fully configurable to your own specific network registration needs. The Cocon Fiber quality controls mean network owners can efficiently and effectively manage and maintain their networks with the confidence that the network registration data is accurate and precise.

If you would like to learn more about how Cocon Fiber enhances accuracy and reliability in fiber optic network registration, we invite you to contact us. We will help you to get all the information you need to make managing your network easier!

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