As a network contractor, you need to be able to work quickly and accurately

When you’ve been contracted to build or maintain a fiber optic network for a network owner, it’s important to be able to work quickly and accurately, and to be able to easily deliver not only the physical assets but also the level of details the network owner is going to need to be able to manage and operate that network over the long term.

You also want to be able to use a system that can help you minimize any potential damage during your excavation work.

Cocon Fiber (especially in combination with the online module Fieldwork) offers you the exact solution you need. As the market standard in the Netherlands, and increasingly used by multinational telecom organizations across Europe, you can rest assured the data you deliver will be precisely what the network owner needs to know.

Your benefits with Cocon Fiber

With Cocon Fiber, you can measure your work done in the field directly with ‘CoconTheWeb Fieldwork’ to update the network information in the Cocon Fiber system automatically. The entire organization can see the exact location data in Cocon Fiber and through CoconTheWeb, including photos that can be linked to the data. That means everyone has the same information at the same time, saving a lot of time from extra steps and inspections that are no longer needed.

Assign & control

Assign job orders, with additional work if needed, and perform necessary checks.

Real-time access

Technicians in the field can access Cocon Fiber using CoconTheWeb.

GPS support

Completed work can be measured directly with GPS and delivered to Cocon Fiber and the network owner.

Ideal overview

Switch easily between geographic and non-geographic imaging.

Auto request

Automated link to excavation reports and applications.

Measure work with GPS and deliver straight to Cocon Fiber

You can measure completed field work directly with ‘CoconTheWeb Fieldwork’ to update the Cocon Fiber system automatically. This ensures everyone has the exact location data, complete with photos. With the same information available to everyone at the same time, extra steps and inspections are no longer needed. And that saves everyone time!

Easily plan, assign, and check the work

Every planned modification to the fiber optic network is directly visible to the contractor using Cocon Fiber. And depending on user settings, they can also be allowed to make last-minute adjustments when things don’t work exactly as planned. Maintenance activities are easily linked to the technician doing the work and sign-offs can be done directly in the Fieldwork app. Final inspection and actual delivery done!

View to the entire network administration, as needed

Give anyone who needs it access to view the network administration anywhere, anytime, using CoconTheWeb. Whether that is the technicians responsible for repairing outages or anyone else that needs to carry out planned work, you decide who can see what. Any detail from Cocon Fiber’s complete network registry can be viewed directly through CoconTheWeb, including linked files, photos, and current as-built information.


Our popular simplified web version of the Cocon Fiber application for fiber optic network asset management means you can use it anywhere in the world.

It’s user-friendly and fast!

Professional support for optimal fiber optics asset management

Cocon Fiber is the ideal high-quality software system for managing your fiber optic network. That quality extends to our level of service as well. When you need support in optimizing your internal management processes, or help with the implementation or migration of our software systems, Speer IT has training available for your employees and can even provide one of our Cocon Fiber professionals through our Speerworks consultancy. Want to know more about how your can get the most benefit from of our software solutions? Download the brochure!

‘Cocon Fiber is the veins of our operational management.’

Arian de Korte

Program Director Technology - Eurofiber Group

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