Meet our new SpeerWorks director Andre Nijland

As of August 1, Andre Nijland has joined SpeerWorks in his role as director. We would like to briefly introduce him.

Who is Andre Nijland?

Change and improvement are central themes that have shaped my growth path. This is evidenced by the steps in my career resulting from personal development. I first studied to be a car mechanic and then the MTS, which is how I ended up as an intern at the beautiful company Kroymans. There it quickly became clear that the process and system design largely determine success. In order to be able to take the proper steps in this, I learned several disciplines and in the evenings I completed both a higher vocational study in technical business administration and an MSc in business administration at Erasmus University. In addition, I am certified as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. With all the knowledge and experience gained, I carried out several projects within the energy and telecom industry as a consultant. Both in employment and self-employment, my clients included Stedin, Eneco, Alliander and KPN.

What do you value in your work?

“I consider it important to work for a people-oriented organization where I can really be of significance. And where I can get satisfaction from working together with colleagues to help the organization grow and move forward. A very important aspect of this is to be able to help our customers add value. That is also where my strength lies.”

What is your ambition with SpeerWorks?

This answer actually ties in with the previous question. My strength lies in growing the organization. And by that, I mean taking the next step in professionalizing our consultancy. Speer IT is currently growing very fast in terms of software development, customer portfolio, and internationalization. So there’s a lot of work coming out of that for SpeerWorks. In addition, I see the dot on the horizon to have SpeerWorks operate more broadly in the market as an independent and autonomous consultancy unit. Hence my enthusiasm to start working for Speerworks. Together with the team and the customers! An incredibly fun challenge to take SpeerWorks to the next level.

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