New functionality for Cocon, the annotation layer

With the annotation layer users are able to indicate geographically where there is an anomalous depth of objects like pipes or cables. This annotation is drawn as a line in Cocon, after which one can add the deviating depth with a remark. Then objects can be linked to it. All historical changes of an annotation are tracked, and when exporting to reports or AutoCAD drawings, this annotation is also included.

This new addition to Cocon was realized in cooperation with Alliander Telecom and TReNT Glasvezel.
Harmen ten Kate – Busschers, network manager at TReNT Glasvezel: “Our goal is to record all relevant details in the Cocon layers and not to process them as an extra layer in the AutoCAD drawings. The annotation layer was added for this purpose, so that everything is actually in Cocon. The advantages of the annotation layer in Cocon are mainly that it increases efficiency because we no longer have double registration. This also reduces the chance of errors.”

From the next release, this functionality will be made available to everyone.

About Trent:

What has TReNT achieved?
Twinning Research Network Twente (TReNT) was founded in 1999 to shape these principles. At the time, a groundbreaking vision. Today, this unique model has proven its success with over 600 clients (800 affiliated organizations with over 2200 connections/branches) using our infrastructure. These are hospitals, care institutions, government agencies, educational institutions and (internationally operating) companies. But also the major telecom providers (Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tele2) are customers. In the eastern part of the Netherlands even more than 40% of the mobile traffic is handled by these providers over TReNT’s network.

All their income is used to expand their business fiber network or to stimulate ICT developments. For example, they have installed nearly 50 million euros worth of business fiber. TReNT now has a business fiber network of over 4,000 km in North Holland, Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, Overijssel and Drenthe.

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