Yungo, the first Certified Partner for Cocon Fiber

A noteworthy partnership between Yungo and Speer IT to address the challenges of the shortage of qualified capacity in network registration.

The biggest challenge in today’s telco market is the large-scale expansion of fibre-optic networks, combined with a labour shortage. The enormous rollout requires significant efforts from contractors and network operators not only to physically lay the networks but, importantly, to record all the data accurately afterwards.

Kees Jonker, CEO of Speer IT and SpeerWorks, sees the risks this combination of challenges presents and explains: “I see several factors at play in the challenge facing network owners and contractors. On the one hand, there is the lack of capacity, which can lead to a lower priority for registration, and on the other, there is the backlog of delivery, monitoring and registration.

Constructing and maintaining fibre-optic networks requires specialised skills and experience. If insufficient qualified capacity is available for this purpose, it can lead to delays and quality issues. In addition, the fact that the registration of network data is becoming a lower priority is a major concern. This is worrying because accurate and up-to-date asset registration is essential for long-term management and maintenance of the network. This is what prompted us to offer more support to our customers with additional skilled workers through Certified Partners. The quality label assures our customers that a Certified Partner can provide sufficient capacity of engineers and the required quality of data.”

Support from Certified Partner Yungo

Wilfred de Wildt, CEO of Yungo, adds: “We are a team of engineers focused on planning, optimising and documenting the deployment of FTTx networks around the world. Yungo has been using Speer IT software for many years and all of those projects were initiated by Yungo customers (making them Speer IT customers as well). We are now seeing the hectic roll-out phase of FTTH in the European market shifting from Build towards Maintain. Yungo’s plans are to continue supporting our customers throughout the maintenance aspect of the Infrastructure Life Cycle model.

That’s why we are proud that the quality of our work is being recognised by SpeerIT and that they have rewarded our efforts with the title of Certified Partner. In return, Yungo guarantees that we will continue to earn that trust.

We currently have over 100 employees and dozens of customers across Europe and in the United States. These include telecom owners as well as construction companies. We are constantly innovating. Not only by applying automation to current processes, but also by further expanding the portfolio with, for example, Smart Build. With this service, we guarantee the quality of the construction work that takes place after we deliver an FttH design. For example, we ensure that the quality is monitored near-real-time for depth, location and progress. In this way, we can add even more value to clients’ projects. Then the next logical step is registration for the long-term management phase. We therefore see being a Certified Partner of SpeerWorks as a valuable addition to our own portfolio of services.”

Cooperation with SpeerWorks

According to Andre Nijland, recently appointed Director at SpeerWorks, the Certified Partnership fits seamlessly into his plans for developing SpeerWorks into an important partner for Speer customers in helping them solve capacity challenges.

“Ensuring high data quality and robust network information is crucial for our clients, as it can have a potentially large and long-lasting negative impact. Through our role as consultants, we recognise that this is an important task for SpeerWorks can fulfill. Our Certified Partners provide an ideal way to support our customers with engineering capacity, while at the same time, the close collaboration with our SpeerWorks consultants allows for structurally improving our customers’ processes. This means we can ensure that our customers’ data quality is ‘first time right.’

We are ready to get to work, together with our team, Yungo and our customers!” says Nijland.

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