Customer Satisfaction Survey Speer IT – 2018

April 2019
Every year we conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey and we hereby present you the results of 2018. In our customer rating figures we can tell that our users have noticed our work on the foundation of Cocon, “We are renovating while the store remains open”, according to Kees Jonker, CEO Speer IT. “We don’t think the fall in this figure (from a 8 to 7.5) is strange, but it is unfortunate, and of course we are working hard to get this figure back to the previous score. On the other hand, it does state that the degree of the re-purchase intention of our products has increased. A significantly larger number of respondents indicate that they would recommend Cocon to a friend or colleague who does the same work as he/she. From this we conclude that our users understand the efforts we put in to Cocon to make and keep Cocon future-proof. All in all, we are satisfied with the results of the Client Satisfaction Survey and we will continue to improve our products in the coming period. With Cocon, Speer IT provides a tool for the future, in which the registration of fiber optic networks of our customers is guaranteed for the longer term. We spend 50-70% of our time on the development of Cocon and CoconTheWeb to maintain and remain a reliable partner in the near and far future. For example, the innovation that our customers need to keep up with developments in the market such as 5G is on the top of our list. But above all we safeguard the property of our customers, because nobody knows what the future will bring us, but Cocon will follow these developments.

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