‘First time right’: the importance of quality data

Low data quality can lead to significant costs for years, carrying long-term organisational risks in both time and financial resources. Securing that data quality is always a challenge, especially when customers also face a shortage of qualified engineers.

First time right

Speer IT understands the importance to our customers of doing things “first time right,” as well as the challenges that a strained processing capacity from a shortage of engineers presents. That is why we have now created the ‘Certified Partner’ label for working with capacity partners.

Andre Nijland, Director of SpeerWorks, says, “The consequences of low data quality that we see include an increase in service interruptions and damage from excavations, longer lead times in operational processes due to problems in locating assets, a rising use and dependence on technologies such as ground penetrating radar, and significant efforts on repairs and preventing process failures. These things can affect every layer of the organisation.”

Certified partner

“Ensuring high data quality and robust network information is a crucial factor for our customers, as it can have a potentially large and long-lasting negative impact. Because of our role as a partner with our customers, we recognise that this is where we have an important role to play. The lack of processing capacity of engineers to record asset data is a key problem that we want to help our customers with. This desire has led us to seek out reliable organisations in the telco industry who, together with us, can support our customers in the entire process of advice, data quality, registration and management.

To this end, we have introduced our ‘Certified Partner‘ label. This step represents an important aspect in being able to address the shortage of processing capacity for asset registration. For our customers, we see significant benefits:

  1. Increased capacity: a Certified Partner can provide enough engineers to increase processing capacity and allow Speer IT’s customers to register their networks faster.
  2. Quality assurance: the Certified Partner label is a sign that a supplier meets our quality standards, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of asset registration.
  3. Expertise and experience: the Certified Partners selected by Speer IT have the necessary expertise and experience to provide more efficiency and quality of service.
  4. Scalability: the ability to quickly add or reduce capacity, depending on needs, is essential in a dynamic market. Certified Partners can provide this scalability while avoiding significant operational disruptions.”


As Nijland emphasises, “Working with a Certified Partner creates advantages of synergy that benefit all parties. It means cost savings and economies of scale, and ultimately results in greater customer satisfaction.” Speer IT is currently at an advanced stage of adding two companies that are renowned in the industry as Certified Partners.

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