Mission & Vision

by Kees Jonker, CEO of Speer IT Speer IT continues to invest in Cocon’s future. I am proud that we are known for our knowledge of the fibre optics sector. It should stay that way: continuous innovation will enable us to optimally manage our customers’ fibre optic network in the future too. About 70% of resources spent on Software development are directed towards further expanding functionality of Cocon and future-proofing the core at the same time. We are continously monitoring new developments and you can count on us to make sure we are always ahead of the curve. Involvement And that is the second pillar in our approach: innovation by listening, is our motto. We believe that we make the difference by collaborating with our customers and partners further on in the chain, including potential competitors. Our involvement is very much appreciated, and I am convinced that this is the only way to support customers in realizing their ambitions. Outside the Netherlands This approach requires investments that we cannot and do not want to pass directly on to our customers. To be able to continue in the same vein, we therefore want to service more customers. And because of our large share in the Dutch market, we will be looking for new customers and partners abroad in the coming years. The first few interviews have already shown that Cocon is a great product to use beyond the Netherlands too. The ambition we have expressed internally is that within five years, we want to have the commitment of foreign telecom and software partners, with whom we can provide customized service at the local level in Europe. A great advantage of this is also that, here in the Netherlands, we can continue to concentrate on the service to our customers here. People first In short, developments to be proud of. This can also be noticed inside the company: we are proud of what we achieve; there is always room for improvement and making mistakes is allowed, as long as it leads to improvement. We want to be a humane company and continue to exude that to our customers.    

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