VitrumFiber chooses Cocon Fiber network asset management

Speer IT welcomes an exciting new German customer, VitrumFiber, for the Cocon Fiber registration and asset management system. VitrumFiber builds turnkey fiber optic networks, which are leased to customers ranging from network operators and internet service providers to municipal utilities that offer internet services. They handle the planning, construction, financing and maintenance, so there is […]

Why Cocon Fiber is setting the standard in fibre optic registration

When the economic value of your network needs to be maintained for decades, setting a high standard for your asset registration is not just a question of keeping records. Your asset management system needs to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the entire network for the long term. This is where Cocon Fiber excels and […]

From chaos to control: Cocon Fiber makes it possible

How do you go from chaos to control in your fiber optic network management? The complexity of an extensive fiber optic network and how to manage it efficiently can make it difficult to keep operational processes organized and in control. Cocon Fiber helps you streamline your network management and quickly shift the chaos to control. […]

Cocon Fiber: Your key to flawless fibre network registration

For fiber optic network owners, flawless network asset registration is not just a goal, it’s a necessity. Your network assets will need to be managed as effectively, efficiently, and profitably as possible for at least the next few decades, so your asset management system needs to be exact, detailed, and able to deliver everything you […]

Why ‘good enough’ is not good enough for your data

When managing fiber optic networks, settling for ‘good enough’ in your data management can be risky. Cutting corners with your data quality leads to significant challenges and inefficiencies in the long term. ‘Good enough’ data management typically means working with systems that provide a very basic level of accuracy and functionality. While this might seem […]

Do you think accurate data is too expensive? Think again

Think data accuracy in your fiber optic network too much trouble and expense to bother with? Think again. πŸ’‘ Some network owners in the telecommunications industry still believe that achieving a high level of data accuracy in a fiber network is not worth the investment. That belief leads them to settle for less precise solutions […]

The misconception that all fiber registry systems are equal

In the realm of fiber optic networks, there’s a common misconception that all network registration systems are created equal. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. 🌐 One might be tempted to think that any system where you can record some basic network information is sufficient for a fiber optic network. However, few systems […]

Data errors today, huge repair costs tomorrow

With fiber optic networks, a small data error today can lead to enormous repair costs tomorrow. Imagine that your team is dispatched to address a network issue. But there’s a problem – the data telling them where to find the issue is inaccurate. Suddenly, what should have been a fast and straightforward fix turns into […]

Increased operational costs due to poor data management

In the telecommunications sector, the impact of poor network data management on operational costs is a concern that can’t be overlooked. Inefficient data management can be a real cost driver for fiber optic networks. Why, exactly? Because when your network data is inaccurate or outdated, every single maintenance task and expansion project can become a […]

Customer loss due to slow response to network problems

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, a slow response to network issues can lead to one of the most dreaded outcomes: losing customers. πŸ“‰ When network problems arise, limiting downtime is crucial. The longer it takes to identify and resolve an issue, the more frustrated your customers become. That frustration can quickly translate into a […]