Cocon: the beating heart of Eurofiber


How great it is when you read an enthusiastic story in Eurofiber’s newsletter about the use of our own fibre-optic registration system Cocon Fiber. How convenient is it when everything is in one system down to the last millimeter? In Cocon Fiber, you can! Eurofiber lists all the details of the tangible infrastructure in the registration […]

Eurofiber again expresses confidence in partnership with Speer IT

Eurofiber ondertekent contract Speer IT

Continuing eighteen years of extensive collaboration and joint international growth, Eurofiber announces the renewal of its contract with Speer IT for the long-term deployment of Cocon for asset management and quality assurance of its network. Eurofiber, the leading supplier and operator of infrastructure in the Benelux, France and Germany, and Speer IT, supplier of the […]