Get acquainted with: Laurens Overweel

If you are one of our regular customers, you have probably talked to him already: our new (yet not very new) colleague Laurens Overweel.

Laurens has been working at Speer IT as an Account Manager for six months now. Prior to this, he was working as a Customer Success Manager at AMCS. Customer success is actually something he always strives for in his relationships with customers. Laurens: “It’s important to me that we are well aware of what the customer needs, so we can ensure that they get the most out of our products and are able to focus on their current and future goals. This is the way for us to share the successes together”. With his background in the hospitality industry, he prioritises service orientation, hospitality and establishing genuine contacts.

“I consider working at Speer IT as a warm bath. The lines are short, there’s only limited hierarchy and plenty of room for personal development and growth.” He has truly embraced Cocon and is happy to assist customers with this system. “I often ask questions such as: ‘What do you want’, ‘What do you need it for’, and ‘what is the strategy for the years to come’. This is the way to get to the core of the question, meaning we can come up with the right solution or strategy.”

In his spare time, Laurens likes to take his family on a boat trip. He also enjoys doing DIY jobs around the house.

Laurens is always open to questions. You can contact him through

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