Jan de Vries – Technical Support

Are you curious to know the people that work behind the scenes at Speer IT? And the ones you get on the phone when you call Technical Support? We’d like to introduce Jan de Vries to you! Jan has been working at Speer IT since 2013. He has been part of the Technical Support team for several years. With his training as a civil engineer, he was already used to thinking in technical, solution-oriented terms. He started to work at Speer IT as a software tester. At that time, Cocon migrated from Cocon10 to Cocon11. Jan supervised this process, expanded it and tested it. He also translated all the feedback from users and clients for the programmers and vice versa. An important hub in our development! Jan is known for his endless patience and good humour. He is always helping clients and users; every challenge is a complex puzzle that Jan is bound to find the solution for. With his experience as a tester and coordinator of the Cocon10-Cocon11 migration, Jan has seen almost all the Cocon screens and so, he has gained a wealth of knowledge about Cocon. That is how Jan ended up in Technical Support, where he can really use his knowledge and skills to support clients and users. Nothing better than to really be able to help someone and maintain contact with the client. Because Cocon continues to evolve, Jan continuously experiences challenge in his work, and he learns something new about the product and possibilities every day.

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