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We want to make things easier for our customers. That is why we are continuously working on improving our services. One of the latest developments is the introduction of our training portal: Speer IT Academy! We spoke to one of the initiators, trainer Rick Keesman.

How did the portal come about?

Rick: “The idea arose to give the customer more freedom and, above all, more insight into our extensive range of courses. With this training portal you avoid that we keep emailing each other back and forth. A time-consuming issue for both parties. The portal gives the client control over who they register for the courses, which dates are still available and what the costs are.”

What functionality should we think about?

“The portal is set up so that the customer not only has a complete overview of the available courses, but it also offers the possibility of adding employees themselves. The users have insight into who they are enrolling, they can deregister someone themselves, but historical information about who has already taken which course is also available. Also, after the course is completed, the certificate can be downloaded for the participant. Rick continues enthusiastically.

Who is the portal primarily intended for?

“Those with whom we often have contact are the training manager and/or the HR employee. It is important that the right people are authorized to request training and that course participants cannot book courses directly without approval. In addition, users can also post questions here. These questions are stored in the portal and are given a status that is tracked. We answer the questions as quickly as possible and the user is notified. In short, all messaging now takes place in a central place that can be accessed 24/7.”

How do you see the rollout of the portal?

“First of all, we have everything neatly documented. A comprehensive description of all steps, functions and possibilities is sent along to the user and can be found in our help files. In addition, the portal is pretty straight forward and intuitive. I don’t expect the user to need our help with that.
However, we do need help from our customers. We would like to get in touch with the right people responsible for training so that we can give them access to the portal. You can help us by signing up you or your colleague at

Coming soon:

New training CttH e-learning
“We have also been hard at work setting up the new e-learning for the CttH module. This new training will soon be available in the Speer IT Academy. We will keep you informed about this through the usual channels.”


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