Speerworks Consultancy goes international!

The fact that Cocon is an extensive package with many functionalities is nothing new. A lot is possible, but that means it can also be overwhelming. Which naming convention is most practical for connections? And how to register patches again? Sometimes, customers can no longer see the wood for the trees and in such cases, a fresh look or guiding hand can take you through all the possibilities. Speerworks Consultant Rick Fokkema was commissioned to work for an international client of Speer IT. “I thought it was a really nice challenge when I heard an ambitious international client of Speer IT could use some help. I’ve been working on it fulltime for 3 months and have provided support in various areas. During that time, I was in close contact with our Technical Support Engineers from the Service Desk, with whom I discussed and implemented many changes. All this so the customer can register the network more pleasantly and efficiently.” Apart from coordinating adjustments and options, they also had to learn to use ‘normal’ Cocon. Entering the network, determining naming conventions and including Cocon in the existing work process. “It’s not always that simple for new customers and users. I’ve organised various workshops to get the most out of Cocon for the customer.” Rick was able to play a major role in determining the standard for network registration for this customer. Achieving a consistent work process was essential. “By going through this extensively and agreeing on rules and requirements, a clearer and more transparent network was eventually built up.” A user manual specifically applicable to the customer has been written to safeguard the knowledge that has been gained. “You can see it as a map they can use to move forward. This allows them to continue learning and focus on the functionalities that apply to them.”

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