Wilmar Aarsen – Team lead Speer It servicedesk

june 2019
Meet Wilmar Aarsen, team leader at the Speer IT service desk. He has worked at Speer IT since November of 2005. Before that, he worked for a contractor as a telecom engineer. During his military service period, Wilmar took several telecom and fibre optics courses, which provided his basic knowledge. As a telecom engineer, he gained experience at KPN copper/fibre optics during the time that the Flash network was emerging, where fibre optics cables were installed with the copper network, in combination with new construction areas. After that, Wilmar gained knowledge at BT fibre optics network. Partly due to the enthusiasm of Mark van der Heijden, along with Peterpaul Brundel, the founder of Speer IT, Wilmar came to work at Speer IT as a junior programmer in 2005. In that role, he added a number of functions and screens to Cocon, and in particular, he worked with clients on the new custom solutions for client issues in Cocon. Currently, Wilmar is heading up the service desk team, which is he very proud of. As stated in a newsletter, he set up the service desk with Jurgen and another colleague. Wilmar Aarsen: “We have a lot of sound knowledge here, so that we are often able to help clients immediately, without delay. Our team is also working on supporting new innovations within the Speer IT products, so that, as a team, we already have the knowledge before the client starts using the product. By gathering all this specialized knowledge, my team members often grow in their role at Speer IT and they leave the service desk to pursue another role within Speer IT. Fortunately, we are able to fill the gap with new co-workers, and my knowledge of products and clients can help these new employees. During all these years, I have built up very good relationships with our clients. Some you talk to more often than others, but there is often also an informal bond, which I really appreciate when working with clients. What I often see with service provision, is that people work according to a script, or they are only accessible via a web portal. To me, that is impersonal, and it is important to me that my team always retains the freedom to build relationships with our clients. I expect that in the future we will continue to grow with our products, personnel and services. I also expect a close collaboration with partners outside the Netherlands, in the same way that I am now accustomed with our current clients; a pleasant atmosphere and open dialogue about anything related to our products.”  

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