Why accurate fiber data is crucial for your network.

Ensuring the accuracy of fiber optic network registration poses a significant challenge for network owners. To manage a network that is mostly under the ground as effectively as possible over the expected 30+ years of operation, your data needs to perfectly reflect the exact physical reality of every cable and every connection. Without sufficient consistency […]

Speer IT’s commitment to CO2 emissions reduction

Our journey to a sustainable future. At Speer IT, sustainability is not just a trend; it’s a core value that drives our operations and strategy. Understanding the importance of sustainability in today’s world, we’re dedicated to a CO2-conscious approach to business. Our mission is to continuously improve our emissions reduction policy and enhance employee awareness […]

Energy usage and hybrid working 2024

For this year’s edition, Speer IT has once again embarked on its annual exploration through a survey aimed at our team members, with a dual focus: the dynamics of working from home and the intricacies of home energy management. The survey dives into their practices concerning electricity and gas usage, the setup of their home […]

Speer IT Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Customer Satisfaction

Once again, Speer IT conducted the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey among our customers. and also this year we scored positively.  This survey focuses on topics such as product usage, application knowledge, communication and our services. The infographic below shows the results of last year at a glance. We are proud to have again received many […]

Energy usage and hybrid working 2023

Once again this year, Speer IT conducted the annual survey of its employees, focusing on home working on the one hand and home energy consumption on the other. In this survey, we address how they deal with their electricity and gas consumption, the use of their workplace at home, any energy-saving measures they have taken. […]



Bij Speer IT hechten wij veel waarde aan duurzaam en verantwoord ondernemen en proberen wij op alle mogelijke manieren ons steentje daaraan bij te dragen. De grote drijver achter alle CO2 reducerende maatregelen is onze oprichter en CFO Peterpaul Brundel. We spraken Peterpaul over zijn motivatie en passie rond dit onderwerp. Peterpaul: “Al van jongs […]