The priceless value of working with a certified partner like D.R.A.W.

DRAW certified partner Speer IT

Fiber-optic deployment has experienced remarkable growth within Europe in recent years. The large amounts of network information that engineers have to process while deploying and maintaining these huge fiber-optic networks is no easy task, which is why it is essential to work with certified partners. Speer IT and Speerworks welcome D.R.A.W. as a reliable partner. […]

Introducing our new product owner Elke Seckel

Elke Seckel, Product owner

As of September 1, Elke Seckel has joined Speer IT as Product Owner, a role in which she has over 10 years of experience. We see her ability to share knowledge, optimize processes and promote effective communication as invaluable to the team and to the organization. Who is Elke? “I am someone who enjoys both […]

Yungo, the first Certified Partner for Cocon Fiber

A noteworthy partnership between Yungo and Speer IT to address the challenges of the shortage of qualified capacity in network registration. The biggest challenge in today’s telco market is the large-scale expansion of fibre-optic networks, combined with a labour shortage. The enormous rollout requires significant efforts from contractors and network operators not only to physically […]

‘First time right’: the importance of quality data

Low data quality can lead to significant costs for years, carrying long-term organisational risks in both time and financial resources. Securing that data quality is always a challenge, especially when customers also face a shortage of qualified engineers. First time right Speer IT understands the importance to our customers of doing things “first time right,” […]

Fore Freedom chooses its in-house asset management system.

handshake between Edwin de Raadt and Kees Jonker

Fore Freedom chooses its in-house asset management system. Getting started with your own Cocon Fiber environment within a few weeks? Fore Freedom is one of the major independent developers and operators of business fiber networks for business parks in the Netherlands. After years of using the Cocon environment through an engineering firm, Fore Freedom thought […]

How detail in your fiber asset management prevents many network failure costs

Asset management for FttH Projects

How detail in your fiber asset management prevents many network failure costs Effective asset management of a physical fiber network minimizes failure costs and also optimizes the customer experience. In doing so, it contributes to maximum utilization and return on investment of the telecom network. A good system for managing these assets and making them […]

Speer IT Knowledge session in the field with Spie

knowledge session in the field with Spie

Speer IT Knowledge session in the field with Spie As part of our periodic ‘Knowledge Sessions’, we asked our customer SPIE to introduce our people, who mainly work indoors, to the practice of installing and managing a FttH network. SPIE enthusiastically picked up on this and found two employees Marcel van der Doelen and Ron […]

Cocon is an important tool for T-Mobile in strategic choices for network expansions


‘F1 weekend in Zandvoort was the ultimate test’ T-Mobile is continuously working on improving and expanding its network. “For that, a good fiber optic registration is essential,” says Mark Marsman, Teamlead Transport Design at T-Mobile. ” To do so, we rely on Cocon. Based on that, we make our strategic decisions regarding our network expansions […]

Eurofiber again expresses confidence in partnership with Speer IT

Eurofiber ondertekent contract Speer IT

Continuing eighteen years of extensive collaboration and joint international growth, Eurofiber announces the renewal of its contract with Speer IT for the long-term deployment of Cocon for asset management and quality assurance of its network. Eurofiber, the leading supplier and operator of infrastructure in the Benelux, France and Germany, and Speer IT, supplier of the […]